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A veces pasa

Miguel Marina

A veces pasa

Solo exhibition curated by Ángel Calvo Ulloa


Centro Párraga

Murcia, Spain

Attached to the gaudy epigraph of painting, the way in which Miguel Marina approaches his practice gives rise to different points of interest, transcending the sometimes redundant and self-absorbed territory of painting. The manual gesture is not ascribed here to a simple vindication of craftsmanship yet it emerges in every moment of his process, just as it emerges his evocation of mental images and a certain sense of longing for a paradise lost. His paintings summon memories that perhaps did never belong to him fully, yet they manage to configure a familiar imaginary that becomes relatable and personal. There is, in his careful and cautious application of painting, a very conscientious preparation process that is as pervasive as the loss of control into which he very often falls. In this sense A veces pasa signals that happy instant in which ends casually meet. Marina is not the first painter to speak of painting as a sort of living organism, capable of making its own decisions, nor he seeks to issue any rulings about the discipline. However, his paintings do look for explanations as to why certain things happen during the long and silent hours in the studio.

A veces pasa is the first solo exhibition of the artist in a public institution. Gathering a selection of the artist’s recent works the show manages to cover the whole spectrum of the artist’s approach to painting and the delicate craft of abstract image-making.