Desde la naturaleza - The Goma
Desde la naturaleza

Javier Arce

Desde la naturaleza

Solo exhibition

19.08.2023 — 24.09.2023

Sala Robayera

Cudón-Miengo, Cantabria,  Spain

In 2012 Kevin Power gave me some poems that I have kept on my desk ever since. I started to paint these works in spring 2020, right in the middle of the lockdown for the pandemic. At that stage I had been cutting and piling firewood for a while. As there were problems with getting supplies, I decided to make stretchers myself with the same wood I was using to heat the house. I started building the frames, stretching them with canvas and priming them. I made myself an easel and started painting whatever was around me at home. I used oils that had been lying around my studio for over twenty years. At that time, I was working with themes related with landscape, nature and place. I was always interested in painting, but up until that moment I had not focused on it with such discipline or seriousness…