11 Jun—22 Jul, 2022
Sociedad Concreta
Sociedad Concreta is a behind closed-doors project based on the concept of the sacred, contact and the intimate experience of art in a time of public display and the retreat of the unique. In the mann...
02 Apr—28 May, 2022
Pablo Accinelli, Karlos Gil
In the Last of the Soviets, journalist and writer Svetlana Alexievitch remarks that history is usually told under the abrasive light of day, therefore subtracting nightlife accounts from any official1...
27 Jan—27 Mar, 2022
Miguel Marina
A la sombra oscurece antes
Our perceptible reality is heightened when it is not fully day nor fully night; an excess of light dazzles us while its total absence blinds us. It is in twilight when the eye loses its acuity for col...
18 Nov, 2021—23 Jan, 2022
Javier Arce
Del natural
Negotiating our way through a world in which our emotional, intellectual and physical fabrics are permeated with catastrophe can be highly fraught. Our routines always hold out the temptation of remai...
09 Sep—13 Nov, 2021
Pierre Descamps
(sorry if you missed the show)
“(sorry if you missed the show)”, Pierre Descamps’ last solo exhibition at The Goma gallery, presents a series of exhibition posters of different sizes, such as can be seen in public pla...
04 Mar—10 Jul, 2021
José Díaz
Constricto, like a conflation of constrain and construct, exhibits a number of paintings that speak to the architecture of form and the creation of meaning. Starting out from an open and improvised la...
28 Oct, 2020—19 Feb, 2021
Enrique Radigales
La cuarta generación
Following his investigation in Pericastó, an extension of dryland in the province of Huesca which has been farmed by his family for three generations, the artist Enrique Radigales decided to stop gro...
10 Sep—21 Nov, 2020
Ana Santos
In this solo show the Portuguese artist once again probes the universe of things, uncovering a rich poetry within the will of the materials.Through this phenomenologic experience she reveals a chromat...
30 May—18 Jul, 2020
Pierre Descamps, José Díaz, Cristina Garrido, Miguel Marina, Enrique Radigales, Antonio Rovaldi
The English word stroll, from the German strolch [vagabond], differs in just one letter from scroll, another word that denotes displacement, but now used globally to refer to the digital rather than t...
08 Feb—06 May, 2020
Cristina Garrido
Tierra Siena, azul de Delft, bermellón de China
Cristina usually borrows things in order to make things. Perhaps she doesn’t know how to produce new things, perhaps she is intrigued by existing things. Perhaps she is one of those artists who are ...
28 Nov, 2019—02 Feb, 2020
Javier Arce
Montaña, trigo, tigre
Javier Arce’s early output was undergirded by a concern with the popularization of the image and its instant consumption, his unease captured in a conflict with the global and reflected in the slown...
12 Sep—15 Nov, 2019
Miguel Marina
Y así pasen los días
It is not usual for an artist to address a painting practice from paper but this has been Miguel Marina’s support of choice for years now, using it to map his aesthetic experiences. Reminiscent of s...
06 Jun—24 Jul, 2019
Cristina Mejías
Boca y hueso
We have got used to accepting the academic world as the legitimate container and transmitter of learning. Today, the responsibility for preserving knowledge is deposited in writing applied to a screen...
28 Mar—01 Jun, 2019
Riccardo Baruzzi
Del disegno e del deserto rosso
After some series of works focused on the deconstruction of drawing and sound, Riccardo Baruzzi turns to autobiographical narrations, revealing the forms and panorama of his youth. “Del disegno e de...
02 Feb—24 Mar, 2019
Ernesto Burgos
Singing in a Foreign Language
Ernesto Burgos’ practise in recent years has been sustained on the production of three-dimensional works exploiting the malleability of cardboard, later coated in fiberglass and then covered with ch...
15 Nov, 2018—19 Jan, 2019
José Díaz
La mañana
After dreaming; the unfocused ceiling, between pillows and flat worlds. An abstraction against the light. Just as I make it out, it fades away. Consciousness has still not kicked in. Almost a floor, a...
13 Sep—04 Nov, 2018
Antonio Rovaldi
Five walks – Chapter One: The Sound of the Woodpecker Bill
The real perception of imaginary space is one of the great concerns of Italian artist Antonio Rovaldi. Four years after cycling around the perimeter of the Italian peninsula photographing the horizon,...
14 Jun—21 Jul, 2018
Jacobo Castellano, Fernando García, Christian García Bello
Ni noble, ni bueno, ni sagrado
“Material was so entangled in the spiritual that it transcended itself, while still being material” César Aira   The works on show in this exhibition speak to a religious aesthetic that, des...
19 Apr—07 Jun, 2018
Pierre Descamps
Pierre Descamps’ body of photographic and sculptural work is largely centred on a portrait of urban architecture. His well-defined, geometric focus emphasises the formalism of urban constructions an...
03 Feb—12 Apr, 2018
Ana Santos
In her third solo show at the gallery, the Portuguese artist has once again produced a composition from the usual materials in her practice, namely plastic, textiles and wax, while also introducing th...
18 Nov, 2017—25 Jan, 2018
Cristina Garrido
The film Boothworks, which lends its name to Cristina Garrido’s first exhibition at the gallery, is a pseudo-fictional documentary that narrates, from the optic of the future, how the current art ma...
14 Sep—04 Nov, 2017
Pablo Accinelli
Lontano is Pablo Accinelli’s first one-person show in Spain. Similarly to the titles of some of his recent exhibitions (Técnicas pasivas, Cae la tarde, Todo el tiempo), here he once again unders...
25 May—15 Jul, 2017
Javier Arce
Doblar la tierra
Javier Arce’s early output was undergirded by a concern with the popularization of the image and its instant consumption, his unease captured in a conflict with the global and reflected in the slown...
16 Mar—18 May, 2017
Enrique Radigales
La frecuencia Jürgenson
In the spring of 1959 Friedrich Jürgenson (1903–1987), a painter, documentary maker and opera singer, placed his tape recorder by an open window of his cabin in the woods near Mölnbo (Sweden). The...
21 Jan—12 Mar, 2017
Michael Bauer, Riccardo Baruzzi, Luca Bertolo, Merlin James, David Schutter
Material Life
Material Life is an exhibition of paintings selected with a set of unrelated things in mind: a book by  Marguerite Duras (from which the show takes its name) in which the authoress re-frames the prac...
03 Nov—20 Dec, 2016
Aimée Zito Lema
Algunas Formas de Amistad
The forces of production precipitate historic events which the human being is then forced to react against. The mass media deliberately obfuscate any attempt to get a clear grasp on an event, and hist...
15 Sep—29 Oct, 2016
José Díaz
For his second solo show at The Goma, José Díaz has chosen the word Motorik (psychomotricity), a term coined by music critics to describe the ostinato beat peculiar to krautrock, a brand of experime...
19 May—15 Jul, 2016
Till Gerhard
This body of new work is based on photographic material that I took myself or directed to take. Over the last couple of years I attended and documented certain folkloristic rituals in southern Germa...
17 Mar—15 May, 2016
Pierre Descamps
Monuments 2006-2015
Pierre Descamps’s second exhibition at The Goma showcases a compilation of more than fifty photographs taken by the artist over the last ten years. The images depict skateboarding spots in urban set...
21 Jan—12 Mar, 2016
Antonio Rovaldi
After travelling to Switzerland to re-enact Robert Walser’s final walk before his death (Ayer Subí, 2011) and after returning from Milan on bicycle with the restored figurine which he had found in ...
05 Nov—20 Dec, 2015
Juan Sebastián Bruno, Valentina Liernur, Miguel Mitlag, Vier5
Soy un libro que no he escrito ni he leído. Capítulo II
  “I don’t read much about myself, anyway, I just look at the pictures in the articles, it doesn’t matter what they say about me; I just read the textures of the words.” Andy Warhol Simil...
10 Sep—01 Nov, 2015
Ana Santos
For her second solo show at The Goma, the Portuguese artist Ana Santos recreates a universe in which the boundaries between drawing, object and painting vanish. Santos is drawn to the process of exoge...
23 May—11 Jul, 2015
Ernesto Burgos
Without Isolating Themes
While in his first exhibition at The Goma a few years ago, Ernesto Burgos combined all kinds of elements to produce sculptures that also had room for painting, the US artist’s recent work has fused ...
14 Mar—16 May, 2015
Alain Arias-Misson, Detanico e Lain, musa paridisiaca, Los Torreznos
El buen caligrama
calligram (also calligramme; from French, from Greek kallos beauty + gramma letter) 1. A word or piece of text in which the design and layout of the letters creates a visual image related to the meani...
15 Jan—07 Mar, 2015
Enrique Radigales
One can imagine a dystopia where the digital promise of the early 2000s, aseptic and associated with a flourishing new economy, has degenerated into a monstrous Big Data expanding like an oil slick th...
06 Nov—24 Dec, 2014
Javier Arce, Timothy Hull, Sanya Kantarovsky, Will Rogan, Angel de la Rubia
Present Perfect
The present moment is the least distinct.  Today, ever-shorter time periods are demarcating generational eras, making obsolescence a greater threat than ever and rediscovery a greater possibility tha...
11 Sep—30 Oct, 2014
José Díaz
Moco de caracol, enjundia de gallina, jugo verde de sapo
The title of this exhibition—Moco de caracol, enjundia de gallina, jugo verde de sapo (snail slime, chicken fat, green toad sap)—the first by José Díaz (Madrid, 1981) at The Goma, borrows the wo...
29 May—25 Jul, 2014
Till Gerhard
Ahnen ahnen
Till Gerhard’s second exhibition at The Goma has its precedents in The Fairy Trail, a film co-directed by the artist and released just a few months ago. Better known for his facet as a painter, in t...
05 Apr—24 May, 2014
Alejandro Guijarro, Nicolás Lamas, Alfredo Rodríguez
Uncertainty Principle
In 1925 Werner Heisenberg elaborated the uncertainty principle which asserts the impossibility of certain pairs of physical properties being known simultaneously with exact precision. In other words, ...
16 Jan—29 Mar, 2014
Pierre Descamps
Common places – Common spaces
The Goma is pleased to present the first exhibition in Spain of the work of Pierre Descamps (Amiens, 1975). The show features large wall and floor sculptures as well as photos taken in urban settings....
14 Nov—28 Dec, 2013
Antonio Rovaldi
Domani pensami in battaglia
Milan. October 7,2013   Dear Borja, Here the sky is overcast and it has been raining non-stop since this morning. After having gone through a whole spate of doubts and changes of mind, I have fin...
19 Sep—08 Nov, 2013
José Luis Cortés-Santander
Heavy boxes perform quick waltzes and jigs
José Luis Cortés-Santander’s second exhibition at The Goma borrows its inspiration from the event that took place in 1966 in Florence when the river Arno overflowed its banks. As a result, million...
30 May—21 Jul, 2013
Ana Santos
Denominador común
A year after Jugada a Tres Bandas 2012, Ana Santos is back exhibiting at The Goma, this time with a solo show. The artist’s practice is generally predicated on a compilation of found objects and mat...
06 Apr—23 May, 2013
Pablo Accinelli, Sofia Borges
The Goma is pleased to present a project by Pablo Accinelli and Sofia Borges created in an interpretative loop structure, curated by Tiago de Abreu Pinto for Jugada a 3 Bandas event. As a starting poi...