La guerra del tiempo. Proyecto obra, tercer estado. Colección Kells - The Goma
La guerra del tiempo. Proyecto obra, tercer estado. Colección Kells

Javier Arce
La guerra del tiempo. Proyecto obra, tercer estado.
Colección Kells

Group show curated byProyectos T20
22.12.22 — 02.02.23
Centro Párraga
Murcia, Spain

With the aim of offering a survey of spanish contemporary creation, The Kells Collection will show a selection of their most prominent pieces in the spaces 2 and 3. Being one of Spain’s best contemporary art collection , the Kells selection is conceived as a way of acting and impacting its time, understanding the dynamics...
Historia y misterio de una colección: MAC - The Goma
Historia y misterio de una colección: MAC

Cristina Garrido

Group show

01.12.22 — 26.02.22

Espacio Cultural Serrería Belga

Madrid, Spain


Some of the pieces that the public will be able to see cover the city of Madrid as a landscape, echoing its origins and its evolution until it became the metropolis of today. The School of Vallecas, the realists of Madrid, the Pop from la Movida and ARCO art fair cross the city plasticity.
Luego, más tarde. - The Goma
Luego, más tarde.

Miguel Marina

Luego, más tarde

27.11.22 — 23.12.22

Aparador Monteleón

Madrid, Spain

Un lento venir viniendo – Capítulo I - The Goma
Un lento venir viniendo – Capítulo I

Pablo Accinelli

Un lento venir viniendo – Capítulo I

Group show curated by Mariano Mayer


MAC Niterói

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Painting as a matrix and as a problem, affective bonds and forms of unlearning. These are some of the subjects that outline the exhibition. Composed of Argentine contemporary artists, the exhibition is part of the Oxenford Collection, presenting 57 works in a variety of languages. This exhibition is the initial phase of an itinerant project....
Itinerarios - The Goma

Ana Santos

Itinerarios XXVII

Group exhibition


Centro Botín

Santander, Spain

Itinerarios XXVII showcases the work of the eight artists selected in Fundación Botín’s open call for its XXVII Art Grants. The exhibition brings together different projects that invite us to engage with the languages, materials and networks that each selected artist has generated over the past two years. The artists of Itinerarios XXVII are: Armando...
Louise Lawler: entre el documento y el objeto artístico - The Goma
Louise Lawler: entre el documento y el objeto artístico

Cristina Garrido
Conference ‘XI Curso de Introducción al Arte Contemporáneo’
Murcia, Spain

Fifth installment of the ‘XI Curso de Introducción al Arte Contemporáneo. ¿Qué se debe? Los artistas contemporáneos rinden cuentas con sus referentes’, where Cristina Garrido talks about her referent artist, Louise Lawler.
Outras Lembranças,  Outros Enredos |  Teixeira de Freita’s Collection - The Goma
Outras Lembranças, Outros Enredos | Teixeira de Freita’s Collection

Pablo Accinelli

Outras Lembranças, Outros Enredos. Teixeira de Freita’s Collection

Group show curated by Bernardo Mosqueira and Luiza Teixeira de Freitas

16.11.22 — 18.12.22

Cordoaria Nacional

Lisbon, Portugal

An exhibition that stimulates the construction of new dialogues and points of view to think about the historical and contemporary relationship between Brazil and Portugal. On the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil, curators Bernardo Mosqueira and Luiza Teixeira de Freitas present a narrative, based on the works of the Teixeira de...
Beyond the Frame - The Goma
Beyond the Frame

Ernesto Burgos

Beyond the Frame

Group show


Sorry we’re closed

Brussels, Belgium

Fabiola Iza on Cristina Garrido for Artforum - The Goma
Fabiola Iza on Cristina Garrido for Artforum

Fabiola Iza chooses the exhibition Paintings by Cristina Garrido for Artforum

When does a performance end? - The Goma
When does a performance end?

Nerea Ayerbe in conversation with Cristina Garrido

Moderated by Carlos Fernández-Pello

¿How long does a Performance last?

27.10.2022 at 7:30 pm

Calle de Fúcar 12

Galeria The Goma

Since its emergence in the late 1950s, performance has been defined as an ephemeral action that takes place in the physical co-presence of the artist and the viewer in a given place and time. From this definition the impossibility of its documentation has frequently been derived, with the argument that it would be unfaithful to...
Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid - The Goma
Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid
The collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid acquires the work “Boss Monster” by José Díaz. The museum’s collection is basically made up of painting and graphic work, although sculpture, photography and drawing are also represented. The exhibited pieces are represented through the following sections: Form and Gesture, Figure and Reality, Image and...
Obra Abierta - The Goma
Obra Abierta

Cristina Garrido, José Díaz, Miguel Marina,

Obra Abierta Premio Internacional de Artes Visuales


Fundación Caja de Extremadura

Centro Cultural Las Claras, Plasencia

La IX edición del Premio Internacional de Artes Visuales Obra Abierta ha recibido 680 obras, clasificadas en las siguientes categorías: 330 de pintura, 123 de escultura, 100 de fotografía y 94 de arte digital, vídeo, performance. La selección de obras que se expondrán está compuesta por 29 obras: 15 pinturas, 8 videos, 1 fotografía y...
Concretos - The Goma

Pablo Accinelli
Group show curated by Gilberto González and Pablo León de la Barra
07.10.22 — 08.01.23
TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artistas
Tenerife, Spain

Being a material of great maleability, concrete allowed for the renovation of modern architecture and the emancipation of the stylistic canon, giving access to different layers of the population to autoconstruction processes and self programming in relationship to the transforming quality of the material in the urban environment. Including artworks by Talles Lopes, Rafa Munarriz,...
Scryer in the Archive - The Goma
Scryer in the Archive

Aimée Zito Lema

Solo exhibition

Scryer in the Archive


Mercer Union

Toronto, Canada

Throughout her practice, artist Aimée Zito Lema has engaged with questions of social memory and the body as an agent of resistance. Her exhibition at Mercer Union takes up these interests in relation to personal and collective photographic histories, with a particular meditation on how the diasporic experience complicates such categorical boundaries. Moments of protest...
Les Péninsules démarrées - The Goma
Les Péninsules démarrées

Ana Santos

Group show

Les Péninsules démarrées


Au Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine MÉCA

Burdeos, Francia


Outsider Art Fair - The Goma
Outsider Art Fair

OAF Paris 2022
10º Aniversario
Atelier Richelieu
60 Rue de Richelieu, 75002
París, Francia

The Devil to Pay in the Backlands - The Goma
The Devil to Pay in the Backlands

Pablo Accinelli

Group show curated by Ursula Mayer and Bernardo José de Souza

The Devil to Pay in the Backlands


Neuer Kunstverein Wien

Wien, Austria

Artists: Pablo Accinelli, Brishty Alam, Skip Arnold, Anna-Sophie Berger, Andreas Duscha, Anna Franceschini, Cristiano Lenhardt, Ursula Mayer, Elena Narbutaite, Matheus Rocha Pitta, Sara Ramo, Klaus Spiess & Lucie Strecker, Camila Sposati, Marina Sula
Entes y serpientes - The Goma
Entes y serpientes

Pablo Accinelli

Solo exhibition

Entes y serpientes

30.08.2022 —09.10.2022

Isla Flotante

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marès….un contrato natural - The Goma
Marès….un contrato natural

Javier Arce

Solo exhibition
Marès….un contrato natural
20.08.2022 — 24.09.2022
CCA Kunsthalle Andratx
Andratx, Mallorca

Hybrid - The Goma

Pierre Descamps


Nine sculptures for three cities

Bordeaux, Toronto, Malmö.

The design of these outdoor sculptures will play with the different architectures, cultures, inhabitants and styles of skateboarding in each place, redefining the relationship of skateboarding and inhabitants with public spaces.
Dog in the Window - The Goma
Dog in the Window

Miguel Marina

Group show

Dog in the Window


A+ B Gallery

Brescia, Italia

A+B Gallery presents “Dog in the Window,” the first in a likely series of group exhibitions, displaying works by Merve Iseri (Istanbul, 1992), Miguel Marina (Madrid, 1989), Tiziano Martini (Soltau, 1983), Marta Ravasi (Merate, LC, 1987) and Russell Tyler (Summertown, TN, 1981). The artists, coming from different traditions and experiences, are united by a particularly...
Obscura Luz - The Goma
Obscura Luz

Pablo Accinelli

Group show curated by Kiki Mazzucchelli

Obscura Luz


Galería Luisa Strina

São Paulo, Brazil

Obscura Luz (Obscure Light, 1982) consists of a white box installed on the wall with a side flap onto which the shadow of a light bulb is projected. In this singular work, Cildo Meireles creates a paradoxal situation, inverting the logic of perception by presenting a light source which is simultaneously shadow. The homonymous exhibition...
Take me to the place I love - The Goma
Take me to the place I love

Antonio Rovaldi

Group show

Take me to the place I love


Performing PAC

Milán, Italia

The starting point is an exhibition produced by PAC in the past, and therefore the protagonist could not but be the land art icon Richard Long with the exhibition dedicated to him in 2004: Richard Long – Jivya Soma Mashe. Un incontro in India, a cura di Hervé Perdriolle. An original and unique project combining...
vis-à-vis - The Goma

Ana Santos

Solo exhibition




Coimbra, Portugal